If your website is displaying error messages or something doesn’t behave like it should, I can help diagnose and fix the issue for you.

Hourly Rate

What can I help you with

  • Fixing plugin or theme issues
  • Fixing errors that appeared after update
  • Fixing database connection error
  • Fixing “white screen of death”
  • Restoring website from backup

How long will it take?

I usually fix the issues on the same day I receive the order. After receiving the service order from you I will review your website and offer you a solution with an estimate of how much time it would take to resolve. If you have any questions send me an email or contact me using the form here.

Why choose me?

I know how to listen to my clients and deliver results. I build secure, fast websites, offer optimization, migration and maintenance services and much more.

Recent Projects

Some Information

My rate: $25/hour


Availability: 30 hours/week