Security Hardening

Each week more than 20,000 WordPress websites are getting hacked. I can help optimize security of your website to combat malicious attacks and prevent malware infections.

Security Optimization
Fixed Price

What’s Included?

  • Audit of your site security and thorough malware scan
  • Removing any malicious files if present
  • Installing and configuring security plugin
  • Manual tweaks to .htaccess and wp-config files
  • Changing URL of login page
  • Tips on how to keep your website secure

Are there any guarantees?

I provide a 30-day guarantee that your website will not get hacked or infected with malware. If it does I will remove malware from your site free of charge.

To insure that your website stays safe for months to come consider signing up for my Website Maintenance service which includes security monitoring, regular updates and much more. If you have any questions send me an email or contact me using the form here.

Why choose me?

I know how to listen to my clients and deliver results. I build secure, fast websites, offer optimization, migration and maintenance services and much more.

Recent Projects

Some Information

My rate: $25/hour


Availability: 30 hours/week