I’m a freelance WordPress developer located in beautiful Samara, Russia. I’ve been making websites since I finished high school in 2008 and I work mostly with web design agencies and a wide range of clients. I’ve been specializing in WordPress for the past 5 years and I dream of becoming one of the top WordPress experts out there (a long shot, I know). I enjoy learning new things and expanding my knowledge in all things WordPress.

I love to work on existing WordPress websites. I do performance optimizations, security hardening, migrations, website maintenance and more. So if you’re a company looking to add on a WordPress developer to help develop and optimize websites for your clients, I’m always open to full/part time work (Availability section in the footer of my website will let you know if I can take on more work or if I’m in a full time contract position).

When I’m not coding, I like to explore our beautiful planet. I love to travel to new places (who doesn’t!) I love to visit other countries and meet new people.